Session Intro

| Session Goals

In the era of digital transformation, it aims to share new roles of universities and innovation cases in higher education, and to find ways to cooperate among the subjects of the innovative ecosystem to drive balanced regional development and national competitiveness.

| Contents of Discussion


Challenges and Opportunity Factors in Universities in the Age of Digital Transformation

- Discussion of the role and function of universities in fostering future talents and creating knowledge and technology in the era of digital transformation. 

Sharing the need to prepare university management, new teaching methods, and student evaluation plans using technological innovation.


Various strategies and examples and implications for effective higher education innovation

- Present cases of innovation in higher education differentiated from existing education, such as diversification of school sites, changes in class and student evaluation methods, and diversification of educational subjects to cope with external changes. 

Sharing cases of cooperation between local and university for regional development, influx of human resources, and establishment of settlement environment through strengthening complementarity between local industries and universities.


The role of universities, communities, and governments in spreading higher education and regional innovation

- Establishing a geo-industry-academic cooperation system through regulatory innovation and seeking to improve the system for sustainable development.

| Speaker


Paul Ladd  

Director of UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD)  


Kim Woo-Seung 

Former President of Hanyang University